About Us  

Welcome to Chess Victoria, your home to great tree services in town! 

Together with www.augustagatreeservice.com we are established and committed to restoring, to enhancing, and protecting the trees around any property and backyard at Augusta area and across the city. People may misunderstand that we only remove trees because of the name of the company. But what we can actually do is beyond the name we give to people. We create specialized services for people, provided with a highly skilled and knowledgeable arborist to deliver great services to our valued customers. This results in proper caring of the tree, proper removal of trees and stump treatment. Our rigorous approach to taking care of trees and maintaining them not only ensures of sustaining their life and survival rate but it takes us in engaging more with our customers and the community they are in. As much as we value trees, we also value the people around these trees. 

Here at our company, we not only give tree services but uphold and promote beauty, practicality and healthy growth of the plants and trees surrounding the environment. We value and recognize the need of our environment in protecting and taking good care of the trees that surround us. If we will look further, trees have a great impact on us. If trees don’t exist we don’t think what good it is to live without them. In addition, taking good care of them also gives us responsibility. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, trees around you surely need good attention as well.