Tips on how to Fix Water Hammer in Your Plumbing Pipes

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Water hammer or also known as a hydraulic shock is a phenomenon that happens in your plumbing system. It is true that water hammer can damage your plumbing 

tumbler process system. The loudest and most common plumbing noise problem in the home is the water hammer. 

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When a faucet or valve is shut off quickly, you can hear the water hammer in a home that has high water flow rates. The abrupt stop to the flow of the water causes the pipe to hit each other and against framing member in the house. 

An air chamber must be present in an older home which is usually located on each cold and hot water line at or near each faucet or water inlet valve. Except in unfinished spaces such as utility room, this is rarely visible.  

To ask as a shock absorber for water when it is flowing at high speed under pressure is the main purpose of the air chamber. The aim chamber provides the water a place to temporarily expand into and thus softens the blow of the water shock wave when the faucet is quickly turned off since air compresses and water doesn’t. 

Plumbers often fabricate air chambers and installed at the faucet’s water supply. The usual measurement of the vertical length of capped pipe is about 12” long or longer and has the same diameter as the water supply pipe. 

However, one problem with these makeshift air chambers is that they are made short and small which will eventually fill up with water thus eliminating your shock absorbers.   It is relatively easy to fix the pipes if you have a water-filled air chamber which can restore the air in the chambers and recharge the plumbing system. 

Another option is to have a mechanical or engineered water hammer arrestor installed. This device will not fail as do typical air chambers because they are charged with air or gas. This could be an alternative way to install air chamber in places where air chambers are impractical. 

To absorb water and mitigate the water hammer effect, arrestors are sealed units with spring and an air bladder. When used for high water pressure applications, they are preferred alternative in commercial buildings.  

Even though they will not need to be recharged like air chambers, they still need to be replaced after their life cycle has been reached. In favor of mechanical devices, some codes have eliminated air chambers. 

When a pipe mounting strap becomes loose, water hammer could also occur. To attach pipes to framing and reduce the movement of pipes when water is running through it, water hammer could also occur. 

It is not advisable to use galvanized or steel straps on copper pipe because it can lead to a plumbing leak since these materials could create electrolysis. As they will restrict pipes from moving, clips and plumber’s tape minimizes the possibilities of water hammering in the pipeline.  

If you suspect that you have water hammer in your plumbing system, it is advisable that you repair it immediately by yourself or you can visit for professional help. 

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